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Chimney Caps and Gutter Repair Services

Metal Cap/ Covers, Gutters and Downspouts play an essential role in proper drainage of rainwater and protecting the life of your structure. Without them, you are risking potential rotting of siding, windows and foundation seepage. Lowry Services installs all types of gutters and will develop a custom quote that best meets your needs.

Our gutters are hung with hidden hangers, which give you a much cleaner look than a spike driven installation. Gutters must be kept clean at all times! Clogged gutters can result in water backing up causing roof leakage and soffit and fascia damage. We do offer a gutter cleaning services, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in home repair. 

​Our Chimney Caps are custom fit to your chimney with plenty of aesthetic options to choose from.

​Masonry Chimney Tops deteriorate and need to be covered with a metal cover or repaired and sealed. Then brick and mortar with age and sun exposure become very porous allow water to transfer into the structure with very little restriction. Repointing, filling, sealing are essential components to restoring proper water repellency to the chimney.

We work with new construction, existing or remodel and can do small repairs that provide longer gutter life or install a whole new gutter and downspout system.